About Us

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

Today D.A.L.E. Services, Inc. is a company bringing forth new ideas founded on old fashioned principles. A well trained staff building a reputation on Safe, Dependable and Professional Services; Sound policies which encourage advancement through in-house training and development. A creative working environment where Trust, Responsibility, Dependability, Technical Advancement, and Customer Relations are graciously rewarded. People who are committed to Quality and Value, both for themselves and for our customers. A company with integrity, keeping our relations with employees, customers and business partners in an open, honest and ethical manner.

Our goal is to Revive High Expectations, through better experiences. So, the next time we show up at your home or business, you can feel relieved and secure. Just like my dad and uncles did with "Mike the Electrician".


Dale Electical Services





Dominick LaNeve, 
President, Dale Services, Inc.

We live every day with the hope of making it a better day because we were apart of it..

As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y. I was so eager to become a man. I loved to spend weekends with my dad and his four brothers helping them build or remodel their houses. I was so excited to be their helper, it was my first job. These guys could do anything and everything in home building, they were amazing. Except when it came to the electrical wiring, they would always agree it was time to call their friend Mike. He was a good man and they called him "Mike the Electrician". He was an electrical contractor who would make himself available to help my dad and uncles. When he showed up, they would all sigh in relief. My dad would say "thank God Mike is here to help". In my eyes it was like God had really appeared, I would whisper to myself, I want to be like Mike the Electrician someday.

Stand Fast, Stand Firm, Stand Sure, Stand True.

Later as a young man in my twenties, I found myself well into my career as an electrician. I loved my work, but was struggling with an important decision. Having successfully acquired my Master Electrical License, I was undecided whether to continue my electrical career and become a contractor or to go into the church ministry. I waited for some sure sign of direction. One day upon leaving the home of a customer, of whom I had the opportunity to share my faith. I could sense that small still voice speaking to me, Son I have a lot of good preachers out there, I could really use a good electrician like you". So now my mission was clear, I was going into the electrical business. I started the company with an old beat-up van, a small desk in the front room of my mobile home, a phone and a lot of faith.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

After some years of successes and failures I realized I needed some help to bring the company to the next level. My business was growing, but so was my frustration. I was a successful electrician, about to make a transition to a leadership role in the development of a new corporation. Understanding that I needed additional education to obtain my goals, I enrolled in many management seminars and recruited the assistance of a personal coach to help me get more insight on my business. With the wonderful tools of wisdom and counsel, I was now ready to build a solid foundation for the growth and future of the company. The mission finally began to take the shape of a plan based on sound vision and a definite purpose.